New York-based contractor specializing in home renovation Uberto has filed a case against Aon Risk Services, seeking more than $1m in compensation over its failure to provide proper coverage for damages caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Filed in the New York County Supreme Court, the case accused Aon of "breach of contract" and "negligence".

Uberto said that Aon did not offer additional coverage, when requested by the firm in the summer of 2012, saying there were no gaps in its historical coverage, as reported by Postonline.

Further, the company convinced that the renewal policy, which was bought on behalf of Uberto, offered additional coverage. But in reality it was contrary and the company suffered losses when Superstorm Sandy flooded its warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.

The company also found that none of its property kept in the warehouse was covered and the policy provided by Aon had a flood damage limitation of $500,000.

Uberto attorney David Lackowitz was quoted by the news portal as saying that it was "unfathable" that Uberto’s property was not insured.

"We were in regular contact before the storm hit to try and find out whether or not there were steps we could take to protect our investment and no one at the broker that we’d been working with for over a decade said it doesn’t even matter because none of your property is insured anyway, Lackowitz added.