Automobile insurer United Automobile Insurance Group is using online claims management applications from eAutoclaims to further automate and streamline its North Miami Beach claims operation.

The insurer plans to use eJusterSuite, eAutoclaims’ online claims management application to make appraisal assignments, track the progress and status and communicate with the source.

The software will also provide managers with real-time access of metrics to enable them to measure performance and results in order to improve the quality of information.

Beau Parrillo, vice president of United Automobile Insurance Group (UAIG), commented: Our customers will benefit from the expedited processing while United Automobile will see a material improvement in the overall efficiency of our claims operation.

The two firms said they connected UAIG’s proprietary system and the eJusterSuite platform to allow the insurer’s associates across the US to access the claims-related information as it is uploaded to eJusterSuite.

UAIG has started to use the new integrated system to process the majority of its claims and hopes to switch all claims over the next 45 days.