Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions has modified its worksite Critical Illness (CI) insurance plan to offer more payouts under a single policy to enhance its market share.

The new improvised riders provides increased financial protection and are being offered to new groups in 33 states, with effective dates in January 2012.

Currently, Trustmark policyholders receive a single lump-sum payment if diagnosed with any of 11 critical illnesses, or a maximum of two payouts under a Double Benefit Rider.

Trustmark insureds can receive one payout for each condition, as well as a payout if the condition reoccurs with the new riders added to their policy.

Trustmark is planning to make the riders available in the remaining states and to existing clients in 2011.

Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions senior vice president Alex Moral said they have now created one critical illness policy that offers countless ways to benefit their clients.

"Fifteen or 20 years ago, more critical illnesses proved fatal than they do today, with greater survival rates now occurring due to modern medicine. As a result of such changes in the health of our society, Trustmark’s new riders better meet the needs of the American workforce," Moral said.