Triple-S Propiedad, a Puerto Rico-bsaed provider of property and casualty insurance products and services, has selected Prevail Consulting's Prevail Reinsurance System to support all of it's reinsurance operations.

Under this new contract, Prevail will install the Prevail Reinsurance System and deliver implementation, application and data migration services.

Prevail Consulting said that the Prevail Reinsurance System fully automates the management of reinsurance data for insurance and reinsurance companies.

Built on web technology, the solution can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It accepts premium and loss data from external systems, calculates ceded data, creates payables and receivables and statutory reports, and then returns this data to the original systems.

Triple-S Propiedad vice president information technology Rinaldo Perez Zayas said that the installation of the Prevail Reinsurance System assures Triple-S a state-of-the-art solution and the efficient streamlining of reinsurance operations.

"This strategic implementation allows the company’s information technology organization to focus its resources on the unique needs of the valued customers going forward," Zayas said.