Trean Reinsurance Services, a division of Minnesota-based Trean Corporation, has appointed Sean Ryan as new chief operating officer and executive vice president.

Ryan will be responsible to support Trean Re’s continued growth and increasing market presence in providing unique and customized risk management solutions to small to mid-sized insurance companies, captives, risk retention groups, and specialty insurers.

Prior to Trean Re, Ryan held senior reinsurance positions with Swiss Re, CNA Re, and Carvill where he was a senior vice president focused on captive, pool and RRG production.

Trean Corporation and Trean Re president Andrew O’Brien said Sean has led the increased production in 2010 and will lead the significant expansion opportunities in 2011 and beyond.

Trean is an independent, employee owned holding company with subsidiaries active in reinsurance brokering, insurance company management and insurance consulting services.