Legend Travelers, a travel health insurance company, has lunched TravelersTrust.com, a web site offering individual travel insurance coverage with group coverage rates.

Legend Travelers has announced that companies, schools, libraries, senior citizen and religious groups, veterans’ associations and other organizations may join the new program called Travelers Trust Promo Program.

The plan will allow members of enrolled companies and organizations to enter into a unique promo code on the web site’s instant quoting system to receive the reduced insurance rate.

The travel medical insurance covers expenses arising from illness or injury while traveling or living abroad. Emergency evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, acts of terrorism, lost checked luggage, trip interruption, complications of pregnancy, repatriation of remains, travel assistance and various other services are also covered in the new policy. The new policy offers free coverage for up to two children while traveling with both parents is also included. An optional sports rider is available for high-risk sports coverage.

Ron Kessler, CEO of Legend Travelers, said: Although organizations certainly benefit from the reduced rates of group travel, it dawned on us that corporations don’t always send their employees overseas at the same time or to the same destination. So we now offer a program that allows organizations to continue to benefit from the lower group rates but with the individual travel flexibility that was needed.