Traveler Friendly Insurance, an authorized representative for IMG Insurance, has started providing medical insurance for travelers, whether for a short trip or an indefinite stay abroad.

Guaranteed optimum emergency care will be available to travelers, whether they are going to a single country or on Schengen Visa through the European Union.

Commenting on the insurance product, Traveler Friendly Insurance co-founder Maria Amador said that when traveling outside of the US, few things are as scary as not being sure that you can pay for medical care if you need.

"Traveler Friendly Insurance is not only here to sell you the right insurance plan, but will be here if you find yourself needing to use it," Amador added.

Traveler Friendly Insurance provides coverage for individual, groups, missions, students, and faculty and schools.

Besides catering trip interruption insurance to thwart huge charges for emergency cancellations of trips, the company also offers specialty insurances, such as adventure sports coverage, evacuation plans and insurance designed specifically for sea captains and their crew. operates as an authorized representative of IMG insurance, which has been delivering international medical insurance, travel insurance and impeccable service to the international community, for more than 20 years.