To offer investment expertise and additional diversification across disciplines

Transamerica Life Insurance Company has added 16 investment options to its variable annuity platform. The new portfolios have a range of investment expertise that provide additional diversification across disciplines.

The company said that the investment options provide additional diversification and the core benefits of the Retirement Income Choice 1.2 rider and the Retirement Income Choice 1.4 rider remain intact.

The riders continue to offer the power of 12, the industry’s automatic reset based on clients’ best Monthiversary value each year during both accumulation and withdrawal periods. And, both riders still offer compounding 5% growth based on the previous year’s highest Monthiversary value. Retirement Income Choice 1.2 Rider and Retirement Income Choice 1.4 Rider initial fees range from 0.40%–1.75% annually, depending on options chosen.

Dave Paulsen, executive vice president and national sales manager for annuities at Transamerica Capital, said: “We are strategically including new investment options and maintaining our rider features as investors seek additional solutions for their retirement needs.

“While many industry providers continue to retreat, we remain committed to providing powerful investment options and helpful variable annuity strategies. The addition of these subaccounts means financial professionals have even greater control over the allocation process, allowing clients to take advantage of opportunities available with our living benefit riders.”