Specialty Insurance Group (SIG) has been selected by Tough Mudder, through its strategic broker partner Scottish American Risk Services, to provide a custom risk and specialty insurance program for Tough Mudder events throughout the US and Canada.

"Tough Mudder is exploding around the world with hundreds of thousands of participants across three continents," commented Greg Mosher, SIG Managing Director. "As market thought leaders, we created SIG to address emerging as well as traditional sports, leisure and entertainment markets. Tough Mudder is a prime example of the tremendous capabilities in underwriting that SIG enjoys as a member of the Everest Re Group, Ltd."

With the rapid growth experienced by Tough Mudder, they needed a specialty insurance company that could not only provide coverage, they needed a company that could design a program that addresses all of Tough Mudder’s locations, participants and challenging courses across all of their North American markets. SIG was able to deliver a program solution that provides Tough Mudder peace of mind coverage while maintaining their unique event format.

"We were looking for more than just an insurance policy," stated Marc Ackerman, General Counsel of Tough Mudder. "We sought a true partner that understood the unique nature of our exciting events. SIG designed a custom program that exceeded our expectations."

Tough Mudder events offer an activity that presents the ultimate physical and mental challenge to participants. That is why Tough Mudder required a partner like SIG who can meet the ever-changing nature of emerging sports, while maintaining the culture and appeal of the sport and managing the risk with custom program solutions.