Total Medical Solutions (TMS) has launched TMS Supply Recovery, a service that identifies and eliminates unnecessary supply costs in workers’ compensation claims.

According to TMS, an individual who catheterizes six times a day uses 180 catheters per month. The hospital or rehab center may start a patient on a specialized $28 catheter. Once stabilized at home, the claimant could switch to an equivalent product priced at $8.50. If that substitution never occurs, the monthly cost for 180 catheters at $28 each comes to $5,040, compared to $1,530 for the less expensive catheters.

TMS Supply Recovery can not only reduce prices, but can also decrease utilization, saving payers good amount of dollars per year. It reduces costs of medical supplies by 20%.

Cara Barde, president of TMS, said: “Payers see a 20% reduction in overall spend on supplies with our Supply Recovery program. Specializing in complex and catastrophic work-related injuries gives us insight into the relatively small incremental costs that add up over time.”