TNC has partnered with Adventity for the provision of back-end analytical and modeling solutions

TNC Management Group, a strategy, project management and analytics consulting firm focused on the insurance industry, has named Aamer Mumtaz as director of Business Analytics.

TNC has also announced the formation of an exclusive partnership with Adventity, a New York-based provider of knowledge services.

Over the past 12 years, Mr. Mumtaz has advised clients globally in the analytical use of data for evidence-based decisions in various areas such as strategy development and implementation, operational improvement, organisational design, and strategic planning. He specialises in the use of information assets to deliver high impact bottom-and top-line results in insurance operations.

Prior to joining TNC as director of the Midwest Region in June 2008, Mr. Mumtaz owned his own consulting firm. He has also served as a principal consultant at PA Consulting Group and a senior manager at Mitchell Madison Group.

TNC has partnered with Adventity for the provision of back-end analytical and modeling solutions, including a committed team based in India, and a support staff in North America. Adventity, headquartered in New York, is an analytics provider to the insurance industry, offering solutions for both commercial and personal P&C carriers.

Frank Cacchione, CEO of TNC, said: The insurance industry is clearly starting to realize the value of predictive modeling and data analytics for improving business decision-making and key operations. Unlocking the full value of analytical services for this industry, however, is not easy; there are considerable challenges around organizational change management and the need for cost effectiveness. With the help of our partners at Adventity, our highly experienced insurance consulting staff, and very low overhead, TNC is able to address these challenges effectively.