Credit insurance provider Tinubu Square has secured a contract from UAE-based Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI) to provide its credit insurance suite (CIS).


Image: Tinubu Square to offer credit insurance suite to Etihad Credit Insurance. Photo: Courtesy of tiverylucky at

ECI will be provided with Tinubu Credit Insurance Suite (CIS), the award-winning end-to-end SaaS integrated software solution.

Tinubu Square will provide these new technologies and services to support ECI businesses in managing, securing and transferring risks while moving to expand their presence.

ECI CEO Massimo Falcioni said: “We welcome this new partnership agreement that we have entered with Tinubu Square, which will help us in our mandate to support the export and re-export of UAE goods, works, services and foreign investments of UAE companies.”

Tinubu Square deputy CEO Olivier Placca said: “Collaborating with ECI paves the way for us to maintain a stronger presence in the Middle East region and play a key role in the growth of its economies. We are looking forward to working closely with ECI, especially in their move to build the future of credit insurance in the UAE.”

Source: Company Press Release