The Amacore Group, a provider of health and health-related programs and other solutions through its multi-channel distribution system, has announced that Jay Shafer, formerly president of Amacore, has been chosen to serve as the new CEO and Scott Smith, Amacore's COO, has been selected to serve in the additional capacity as the interim CFO.

Jerry Katzman, chief medical officer and founder, and Joe Crisafi, CFO, have resigned as members of the board and their respective company positions and are becoming consultants to Amacore.

Clark Marcus, CEO and founder, is resigning as CEO but has agreed to continue as chairman of the board of directors. Guy Norberg, Amacore’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, has been appointed to the board.

Except for Mr Shafer and Mr Marcus, the remaining members of the board have also resigned, making room for the anticipated appointment of Shad Stastney and Chris Phillips, both from Vicis Capital.

Mr Marcus said: We are pleased to have been able to build Amacore from the ground up and bring it to its current level and position in the healthcare industry. We believe it is now time to take a giant step forward, and we believe that step should be taken under the extremely talented leadership of Jay Shafer as CEO and his team. We are confident of the continued rapid growth of Amacore with Jay and his team leading the charge.