Standard Insurance, a subsidiary of StanCorp Financial Group, has launched online educational modules for its group disability and life insurance customers, to simplify their understanding of available insurance policies.

The newly launched modules are configurable according to the employee requirements to help them obtain maximum advantage of their benefits.

Using the module, the customers can learn how to estimate their requirements, select and enroll for appropriate coverage, and also learn the basics of specific policy functions.

The Standard E-Business assistant vice president John Jones said the modules will help customers overcome enrollment barriers and make right decisions by providing a go-to benefits resource.

”For businesses with remote locations or a small number of employees, this tool allows employers an easy, yet effective, way to walk through enrollment materials when an on-site option is not feasible,” Jones added.

”This approach allows us to deliver relevant, consistent information about benefits in a cost-effective and simplified manner for our customers’ employees.”

Additional offerings include calculator tools, an intuitive step-by-step guide, engaging voiceovers and video animations, as well as a direct link to the employer’s enrollment website or form.