The Hartford is enhancing its multinational capabilities with the launch of The Hartford Global Insurer Network, a directly-managed network of insurer partners backed by a new global technology platform.


Image: Hartford headquarters in Connecticut. Photo: Courtesy of The Hartford.

Through this new network, The Hartford will offer insurance coverage for U.S. companies in more than 200 countries through local and regional partners.

“For a U.S. company, doing business globally can present a variety of new risks and having the right protection in place to operate in other countries is essential,” said Alfred Bergbauer, head of Multinational insurance at The Hartford. “We are pleased to expand our network of global partners to continue to provide the insurance solutions our customers need around the world and the excellent service they have come to expect.”

The Hartford continues to build its Global Insurer Network, which will comprise more than 80 local and regional insurers. This includes partners such as Aviva, a leading U.K. insurer, which will service the needs of The Hartford’s customers operating in the U.K. and Ireland. In addition to offering U.S.-based customers local policies in foreign countries, The Hartford will service local U.S. policies for clients of its strategic partners.

“Like Aviva, The Hartford has more than 200 years of history and shares similar values, making them the ideal partner as we embark on our next phase of growth,” said Colm Holmes, President & CEO of Aviva Canada and of Aviva Global Corporate & Specialty. “The Hartford will provide Aviva’s clients with a comprehensive insurance solution in the U.S. – and we look forward to servicing the needs of their customers in the U.K. and Ireland.”

Enhanced Technology Platform

The Hartford has also developed a cutting-edge, cloud-based network management and engagement platform, which will allow for a real-time collaboration among local partner offices in the network to track and service policies. The platform will provide a view into the underwriting, instruction issuance, claims information, account information, as well as tracking of key performance indicators by program, country and partner.

“Successful multinational programs require close collaboration among the customer, broker, carrier and network partners,” Bergbauer said. “The new system provides a central resource to view and manage the policies in a way that is efficient and transparent.”

The platform will be available for network partners on April 1 and will be available for customers and brokers later this year.

Source: Company Press Release