The Co-operators General Insurance has introduced new flood insurance product in Alberta of Canada, in a bid to protect homeowners against damage caused by overland flooding in the region.


The new endorsement, Comprehensive Water, has been designed to provide coverage against the different types of water damage in one easy-to-understand product.

The Co-operators president and CEO Kathy Bardswick said: "As a co-operative, we seek to address unmet needs, and there is clearly a need to provide Canadian homeowners with better protection against flooding.

"Our coverage is available to homeowners throughout the province – not just those who have a low risk of flooding or sewer backup."

Available across the province, the new coverage is an inclusive and flexible insurance solution designed to protect homes against the common causes of water damage, including flooding caused by an overflow from a body of water, sewer or water backup and accumulation of surface water caused by heavy rain.

The company has made the product available as an endorsement to its homeowners’ insurance policies in Alberta, and will be added to existing policies that currently have coverage for sewer or water backup, upon renewal.

According to the firm, the clients can choose the amount of coverage based on their individual needs and flexible deductibles are available as a percentage of the claim amount.

Image: Co-operators General Insurance has launched new coverage insurance coverage that protects homeowners in Alberta against damage caused by overland flooding. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles/