Tesco Personal Finance has announced that it will offer Clubcard customers 2,000 points when they purchase Tesco Life Insurance.

The offer is valid till January 8, 2007. Tesco Life Insurance will offer Fixed Term Life Insurance and Mortgage Life Insurance. Fixed Term Life Insurance will pay a fixed cash sum to help protect to family members. Mortgage Life Insurance will help pay off insurer’s repayment mortgage if he die during the period of cover.

Jeremy Sutton, head of Tesco Life Insurance, said: We pride ourselves on offering competitively priced products. By rewarding new customers with 2,000 Clubcard points for choosing Tesco they can have GBP20 off their shopping bill. If customers use Clubcard points in conjunction with Tesco Clubcard deals, they can be worth as much as 8,000 points with the current deals on offer.