Tesco Personal Finance has launched Finest Home Insurance, an enhanced level of cover which offers protection to homeowners looking for higher sums insured.

Tesco has said that the buildings cover is now unlimited, contents cover for when customers are away from the home is now GBP10,000 and over Christmas, customers will benefit from a seasonal increase of 20% extra insurance at no extra charge.

Many other limits have also been increased to reflect the changing times.

Finest Cover offers customers a bespoke concierge service which provides a range of services from entertainment and travel bookings, to shopping and home help advice. Other new features include a Home Emergency and ID Fraud Detection and Assistance Service.

The launch of Tesco Finest Home Insurance comes as Tesco makes changes to its Standard Home Insurance level of cover, with an additional GBP10,000 of cover at no extra cost.

Jim Bruce, head of home insurance at Tesco, said: We have introduced Finest Home Insurance for customers who have told us that they need that little bit extra including higher sums insured. They also want us to be doing more for them to make their lives easier. The extras are designed to meet these needs and, as a bonus, we have come up with a relevant offer for new Finest Home Insurance customers – a GBP60 voucher towards shopping or fuel at Tesco.