WeSure claims to insured 15 million people since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak


Image: Tencent WeSure to partner with Chinese Government in controlling Coronavirus. (Credit: PRNewsfoto/WeSure)

Tencent’s insurance platform, Tencent WeSure and Tencent Foundation have partnered with the Chinese Government’s Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People, to offer insurance protection for COVID-19 volunteers in China.

The partnership will also see the launch of a nationwide public welfare and insurance protection programme. Being financially supported by the Tencent Foundation and implemented by WeSure and the China Charity Alliance (CCA) of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the programme will assist volunteers, social workers and senior care institutions in Hubei’s province.

The programme has two parts. Under the first part, special financial support will be offered to volunteer, community workers and social workers who were infected as a result of participating in the prevention and control of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic.

Among the infected community workers, those diagnosed as ‘severe’ and ‘critical’ will receive RMB50,000 ($7,138) guaranteed financial support. The family members of the deceased community workers due to the infection will receive RMB250,000 ($35,690) as compensation.

The second part of the programme offers special insurance protection from WeSure for all the volunteers, community workers and social workers, who have been participating in the prevention and control of the epidemic, nationwide.

As per the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 146 million volunteers are working in the field

As per the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 146 million volunteers are working in the field and are exposing themselves to the risk of getting infected through close contact with medical staff and a significant number of residents.

By early March, 53 urban and rural community workers died fighting the epidemic, which has raised the demand for protection on the group’s safety and essential benefits.

WeSure CEO Alan Lau said: “WeSure is actively responding to the call of the country to help prevent and control the Covid-19 outbreak.

“In full recognition of the sacrifices made by these community workers and volunteers in this race against time, WeSure is fully leveraging the advantages of Internet insurance to support these heroes, so that we can defeat this epidemic together.”

Furthermore, the company also claims to be reviewing its previous insurance products and is in the processing establishing specific policies to protect people and personnel directly affected by the outbreak.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, WeSure claims to insured 15 million people including medical staff, pharmacists, small merchants, frontline media reporters and its existing policyholders.

To offer its users with a series of special outbreak protection, the company has also partnered WeChat Pay, AXA Insurance, DXY.com, People’s Insurance of China, TK.CN, and China Pacific Insurance.