Tata AIG Life Insurance Company has launched a new unit-linked insurance plan InvestAssure Insta, designed to help policyholders obtain valuable protection and the growth potential through high allocation rates and supplement it with a maturity bonus.

According to Tata AIG, customers can choose from five fund options depending upon his risk taking appetite including top 50 fund, top 200 fund, aggressive flexi fund, stable flexi fund and bond fund.

On survival to the end of the policy term, policyholders will receive the total fund value, which is equal to the value of the regular premium account, plus the value of the top-up premium account valued at applicable unit price.

In addition, policyholders will also receive a maturity bonus of 5% of the regular premium account as on the maturity date, provided all due premiums have been paid. The maturity bonus will not be applicable on death/lapse/surrender or on the top-up fund value under the policy.

The policy can be bought for anyone between the ages of 30 days and 60 years with maximum maturity age of 75 years. It offers annualized premium options of INR20,000, INR30,000, INR40,000 and INR50,000 which the customer can decide upon in accordance to requirement.

Trevor Bull, managing director of Tata AIG Life Insurance, said, “This simple plan is a new year gift to our customers. It is extremely transparent and easy to comprehend and buy. Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Insta focuses on building the customers corpus with higher premium allocation and guaranteed maturity bonus, it is insurance in its most customer friendly form.”