To offer patients access and affordability as co-pay cards ensure patient compliance

TargetRx has launched a new research capability that enables pharmaceutical companies to understand how physicians perceive these programs and how they impact prescribing behavioral information that is critical to achieving increased patient adoption and maximizing return on investment for these programs.

The company said that by offering patients better access and affordability co-pay cards ensure patient compliance. In addition to providing critical insight prior to launching a co-pay card program, TargetRx’s new product enables marketers to make positive adjustments to increase the effectiveness of these programs during the course of implementation.

Craig Scott, CEO of TargetRx, said: “Pharmaceutical marketers will continue to invest in co-pay card programs in order help defray the costs of branded drugs so that they are able to compete in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

By understanding which physicians are most motivated to recommend co-pay cards to patients, we can help make sure these programs are successful, and even more importantly, ensure that these incentives are making it into the hands of the patients who need it most.

“Our co-pay card product, combined with TargetAdvantage, empowers brand teams with the critical insights they need to not only prepare for launching a successful program, but to also make any necessary adjustments along the way to ensure they see the most value from their investments.”