Systema Software, a leading provider of claims administration software and services to the insurance industry, announced that Baltimore County has selected SIMS Claims to support administration of its general liability and workers' compensation claims.

Systema Software will host the claims system via its reliable, secure and high-performing SIMS Cloud environment.

In today’s digital age, browser-based applications and cloud computing are the new norms. Racing to keep pace, public entities aim to leverage SIMS as a modern claims solution that delivers speed, flexibility, and ease of use.

Systema Software has kept SIMS at the cutting edge of claims software by incorporating a robust set of features, an elegant and intuitive user interface, a scalable architecture, and powerful data reporting capabilities.

Jose Tribuzio, CEO of Systema Software, commented: "As many public entities like Baltimore County have seen, SIMS Claims has a demonstrated ability to meet the needs of public entities, many of which have unique claims-handling requirements.

"Our staff is committed to delivering the County with the highest level of service and support, so the County can achieve its claims-handling objectives successfully.

"SIMS has a tradition of empowering public entities through automation, document imaging, and workflow management tools that help facilitate examiner focus, operational efficiency, and optimal outcomes."

For workers’ compensation, the County will also be able to leverage the premier capabilities that Systema specifically designed for this line of insurance. For example, workers’ compensation requirements often vary by state; SIMS provides breakthrough compliance capabilities for each jurisdiction.

Systema Software provides flexible, comprehensive solutions and services to the insurance industry. SIMS Claims is an innovative, award-winning claims administration system, which is highly praised by clients and well recognized by industry experts as a leading claims solution.