Systema Software, a leading provider of claims administration software and services to the insurance industry, announced it has fully incorporated Microsoft Power BI into its business intelligence (BI) module, SIMS Insight.

Jose Tribuzio, CEO of Systema Software, commented: "Our vision is to continually sustain SIMS as the leading claims solution in the insurance software market. By incorporating Microsoft’s new Power BI experience, our customers will have additional capabilities to transform data into stunning visuals, share reports with teams, and focus on the information and metrics that matter most to their business and bottom line — all with greater speed and agility."

"We saw the potential in connecting our SIMS claims data to Microsoft Power BI the moment the Systema team performed a demonstration," said Rick Krepelka, Chief Operating Officer at Golden State Risk Management Authority. "Almost immediately, we were getting instant answers to questions we did not bother to ask previously, due to the amount of work that would have been required. Now, with full integration of Power BI into SIMS, this power is available directly to our SIMS users. We are just beginning to take advantage of this new tool, but we expect it to have a significant effect on all aspects of our business."

Power BI is a collection of online services and features that enable organizations to analyze and visualize data, and collaborate in new ways. The new Power BI experience is centered on, where users can create dashboards, share reports, and incorporate the data sources that are important to their organizations.

With Power BI incorporated into SIMS Insight, Systema Software enables users to:

Ask a simple question; get a powerful answer. With a feature known as Power BI Q&A, users can type in a question using everyday, natural language, such as "What offices experienced the highest claims costs last month?" Q&A will decide on the best chart or graph to display this information, so users reap the benefit of a powerful, visual answer.

Create stunning, interactive reports. Users can leverage Power BI Desktop as their easy-to-use report-authoring tool that will take data and transform it into stunning, interactive reports. They may also choose to publish and share these reports via Power BI.

Access data anywhere, anytime. Today’s insurance professionals are highly mobile; they want to connect to data via their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Using native apps, they can view Power BI visuals, dashboards, and reports from any mobile device.

Dig deeper. Users can visually explore data using a free-form canvas. They essentially "drag and drop" datasets and dimensions to incorporate into their analysis. Information can be displayed with a broad range of visualization capabilities, including charts, graphs, and maps.

Leverage dashboards. Users can create dashboards, keeping their finger on the pulse of their business through key performance measures. Dashboards can be configured and personalized to provide one quick glance of all the statistics they need to make fast, informed decisions.

Systema Software will be demonstrating the power of these BI capabilities at the PARMA Conference, Feb. 23-26, Indian Wells, CA.