Synygy, a provider of sales performance management (SPM) solutions, has introduced a new set of industry-specific SPM solutions for insurers, including agency and commission management software and services.

Synygy has said that the new SPM solutions will automate the operational processes needed to build and maintain a network of insurance agents and brokers and also ensure that producers are compliant, and properly paid, and give end-to-end visibility to overall sales performance.

According to the Synygy, the new SPM solutions have the ability to easily manage organizational, geographic, and other hierarchies, which are considered to be complex in the insurance industry.

Through these solutions, insurers can offer up-to-date training materials and personal resources that is helpful for the new onboard agents.

Insurers can also track producer demographics, credentials, license and appointment expirations, maintains organizational hierarchies, payment schedules, and agent information.

Synygy president and CEO Mark Stiffler said, the SPM solutions optimize every process in the insurance sales chain, from the start of a working broker relationship to the day they get paid, providing tangible benefits to everyone involved and a rapid return on investment.