To work constructively with regulators of the company

Syncora Holdings has appointed Susan Comparato as chief executive officer and president. Ms Comparato has been serving as the company’s acting CEO and president since August 11, 2008.

Effective immediately, Ms Comparato will also serve on the board of the company as well as the boards of Syncora Guarantee and Syncora Capital Assurance, the company’s two principal operating subsidiaries.

Mike Esposito, chairman of the board of Syncora, said: Susan’s deep understanding of the financial guarantee industry and her ability to work constructively with regulators and the company’s counter parties were instrumental to Syncora’s comprehensive restructuring in July 2009. We are delighted she has accepted and that she will be joining us on the board.

Prior to joining SGI, Ms Comparato worked for Barclay’s Capital, where she was an associate director in risk finance.

Ms Comparato joined Syncora Guarantee (SGI) in 2001, serving as associate general counsel with a focus on asset-backed securities and collateralised debt obligations. She was subsequently promoted to managing director and general counsel. In February 2008, Ms Comparato was appointed general counsel of the company with responsibility for interaction with all regulatory institutions and for legal counsel and guidance for all the company’s key business initiatives.