Symetra Life Insurance has expanded its limited benefit medical package with Select Benefits offering, to include payments for certain types of critical illnesses.

Under the enhanced offering, insureds can receive a lump sum payment from Symetra when they are first diagnosed with a covered serious condition.

The company claims that these policies offer limited, fixed payments for basic health care services up to a calendar year maximum. Benefits include wellness exams, diagnostic X-rays, immunizations, lab tests, emergency room visits and other routine services.

According to the company, upon the first diagnosis of conditions such as invasive cancer, heart attack or stroke, the policy will pay either $5,000 or $10,000 to the insured and funds may be used by the patient for any purpose.

Robert Frary, vice president of group limited medical and worksite products, said: In adding a critical illness component to Select Benefits, we now have a product that, while not designed to cover all the costs of a major health event, does provide some extra financial relief for patients dealing with a critical illness.