Symetra has unveiled three new value-add programs to the group’s covered employees and their families on new group life and/or disability income (DI) policies at no additional cost to the employer which are offered through Symetra by Europ Assistance USA.

The new value added program includes travel assistance program which offers various 24/7 travel services to help finding a physician to medication or eyeglass replacement to legal assistance in over 200 countries and global territories.

The program cover includes employees whether they are traveling on business or on a holiday trip 100 miles or more away from home which lasts for 90 days or less.

Symetra’s second program features an identity theft resolution program which helps employees to protect themselves against identity theft and enables support during their identity is stolen.

The third beneficiary companion program offers relief from the confusion and frustration which many people face trying to manage personal affairs.

Symetra Group Life & Disability vice president Tom Foran said the company’s new value-add programs provide welcome benefits to employees and their families.

"These enhancements help employers offer a more compelling benefits package at no additional cost, which can be a genuine advantage in a competitive marketplace," Foran said.