Symetra Life Insurance, a subsidiary of Washington-based Symetra Financial, has added ComPsych's HealthChampion plan to its portfolio of value-add programs for group life and disability income (DI) insurance customers.

The HealthChampion program helps the covered employees make better use of their healthcare plans by providing an opportunity to effectively navigate their medical plan and benefits, besides guiding them through claims and billing issues.

Symetra Group Life and Disability Income Insurance vice president Tom Foran said, ”Like all of our value-add programs, the HealthChampion program complements the insurance benefits provided under each policy and strengthens our goal of getting people to a better place.”

HealthChampion professionals work with employees to resolve their issues using a completely in-house, integrated model, ascertaining full support with employee assistance program (EAP) and work-life services.

The specialists also provide details about cost estimation for covered and non-covered treatment options, fee and payment plan negotiation, one-on-one reviews of employee health concerns, as well as direct answers regarding specific diagnosis and treatment options.

Symetra had also launched three new value-add programs, namely travel assistance, identity theft resolution and beneficiary companion in early 2012.