Reinsurance firm Swiss Re has appointed Christian Mumenthaler as new CEO of its reinsurance subsidiary, Swiss Reinsurance Company (SRZ), effective 1 October.

Mumenthaler has been holding the role of chief marketing officer of reinsurance since Janauary2011, with the responsibilities of leading and growing Swiss Re’s core reinsurance business.

In addition to his current role as chief marketing officer, Mumenthaler will assume the additional responsibilities and will be accountable for the group’s reinsurance strategy as well as its entire business performance, including financial results, capital and asset allocation, along with governing the legal entities comprised within SRZ.

Swiss Re added that Stefan Lippe will continue to lead the group as CEO. Lippe will continue to focus on running the group, in charge of implementing group strategy and being accountable for the financial performance of Swiss Re.

According to the Swiss Re, the changes in the leadership structure reflect its new legal entity set-up and a further step in re-shaping its structure to enhance client focus, to increase capital efficiency and transparency, and to create long-term value for shareholders.