Colombian insurer Seguros SURA Colombia has deployed the FRISS accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter to detect fraudulent claims in motor personal lines.


Image: SURA Colombia has deployed and integrated claim fraud detection programme from FRISS. Photo: courtesy of Steve Buissinne/Pixabay.

SURA Colombia will use the integrated claim fraud detection programme to prevent payment of claims marked as potentially fraudulent while they are being probed. As a result, the Columbian insurer is expected to provide faster customer service as legitimate claims can be fast tracked for immediate pay-out.

FRISS’s Ready for Guidewire accelerator is said to help the insurer to offer streamlined processing for fraud and risk management. The solution includes a real-time and artificial intelligence (AI) powered risk indicator for each claim, and a risk score for use in guiding next steps such as settlement, investigation or risk management action.

Checking of automated claims at defined stages and follow-up research and data capture that is said to be user-friendly are also a part of the programme.

SURA Colombia motor claims manager Ruben Dario Cañas Aranzazu said: “We decided to work with FRISS because we recognized they could give us great value in our claims management process by providing a real-time risk score that allows us to better focus our investigation process and improve the claim process for honest customers.

“Furthermore, the Guidewire accelerator is easily and quickly downloaded, and implemented.”

FRISS, which provides fraud and risk solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) industry, became Guidewire PartnerConnect’s new solution partner in May 2018. Guidewire PartnerConnect is a global network of certain companies that offer consulting services and solutions to improve, extend, and complement the capabilities of the products of Guidewire Software.

FRISS global partner manager Bas de Graaf said: “We work together with leading core system vendors, like Guidewire, that enable us to offer our fraud detection solution, pre-integrated with the core claims system used by P&C carriers all over the world.

“The accelerator is a proven solution, validated by both Guidewire and FRISS, and resulting in easy and fast implementation. SURA’s trust in the combined solution is proof of this value. It is fantastic to see that SURA reached their ROI already during the implementation and increased their customer satisfaction.”