Sunz Insurance, a workers' compensation company, has expanded its coverage to three new states Montana, Indiana and North Carolina, increasing its overall coverage to total of 13 states.

Sunz has increased its overall coverage area throughout 2010. Last month, they added four state Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Arizona.

In addition, Sunz has appointed Paul Hodges as new underwriting manager to accommodate the increasing volume of new policies and to maintain efficiency. Hodges has a experience in the PEO and staffing industries.

Sunz said that now that it has gained the rights to write policies in 13 of the 14 states in the cycle, it is looking toward more growth in the future.

Now they plan to file a Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA), which will allow them to write business for an additional 10 states. With this filing, Sunz hopes to secure the remaining states along the Gulf Coast and throughout the Midwest.

Sunz Insurance president Scott Robertson said that the company expects that the expansion will not only improve relationships with existing client base, but will accommodate the companies those who are seeking Sunz’s services.