Sunz Insurance has entered into partnership with GlobalOptions, which provides fraud protection through their progressive Special Investigations Unit (SIU) program, to provide an extra means of security to clients.

Under this partnership, Sunz will gain access to GlobalOptions’ technological platform GlobalTrak, an investigative management and intelligence system that enables TPAs and insured parties to examine and identify any potential for fraud, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The SIU Program provides customers with a package including plan development and filing, frequent communication with the claims department, documentation of all fraudulent claims, case preparation and training programs to better educate staff members on fraudulence.

GlobalOptions, serviced by a nationwide network of dedicated professionals, provides fraud protection to insurance carriers, third-party administrators (TPAs), law firms, major companies and the general public.

GlobalOptions president Frank Pinder said from an industry perspective, the combination of SUNZ Insurance and GlobalOptions will result in shorter cycle times, higher quality services and staff, and improved policyholder satisfaction.

"We have the resources and experience to assume a key role in helping SUNZ manage its entire SIU and fraud claims process," Pinder said.