Sunz Insurance, a workers' compensation company, has received the certificate of authority to begin offering workers’ compensation coverage in Oklahoma, US.

With expansion into Oklahoma, the company expects to attract new clients and support growth of existing clients in Texas, Arkansas and Missouri.

SUNZ president Scott Robertson said the authority to write business in Oklahoma strengthens the company’s ability to serve its clients.

"In addition, our filing gives us tremendous flexibility with the large deductible program by allowing smaller employers with premiums as low as $100,000 to participate in the risk sharing and reward offered by those programs," Robertson added.

SUNZ, established as a single-state insurer in 2005, specialises in underwriting workers’ compensation policies for PEOs and staffing companies.

The company has expanded into 15 additional states covering the entire South-eastern US, and expects to file an additional 10 states in 2012.