SunTrust Investment Services, a subsidiary of SunTrust Banks, has announced a new, coordinated multi-channel approach to retirement planning called Retirement GamePlan, which provides clients with the tools to plan for retirement.

SunTrust has said that Retirement GamePlan offers SunTrust clients access to a call center, a new web site with updated calculators, quizzes and articles, as well as financial advisors.

SunTrust has developed Retirement GamePlan as a way for clients of all ages and income levels to more easily plan to reach their retirement goals and to benefit from the guidance and insights of investment consultants at SunTrust Investment Services.

The key components to the SunTrust Retirement GamePlan are advice and guidance, personalized plans, and the consolidation and investment of assets. SunTrust guides clients at all life stages from just beginning to plan to all the way through retirement so they are knowledgeable about exactly how much they are saving and spending in order to be well-positioned for a comfortable retirement.

John Rhett, chairman of SunTrust Investment Services, said: Planning for retirement can be an emotional journey, especially during a down economy. We help our clients work through the anxiety and uncertainty of retirement planning by providing practical solutions to their retirement concerns. Many people delay retirement planning because they feel it is too complicated.