Sun Life Financial's Employee Benefits Group division of the US Business Group has signed business agreement with Cigna to market its stop-loss insurance through Cigna Payer Solutions' third party administrator (TPA) relationships.

Through this agreement, any employer or plan sponsor that is a client of a TPA contracted with Cigna Payer Solutions will have access to the breadth of Cigna’s health services, combined with Sun Life Financial’s expertise in stop-loss insurance.

Cigna Emerging Markets president Jeff Terrill said this agreement marks another milestone for Cigna Payer Solutions. Sun Life Financial’s ability to provide quality customer service in the TPA marketplace will offer significant value while managing medical costs for their customers.

Sun Life Financial Employee Benefits Group senior vice president and general manager Greta Cusworth said through TPAs that participate in Cigna Payer Solutions and their expansive national network, employers have the opportunity to better manage their medical costs. TPAs and employers can rely on Sun Life Financial as one of the largest direct writers of stop-loss insurance in the US.