The US business group of Sun Life Financial has launched two key products – Accident insurance and Critical Illness insurance – in New York, completing Sun Life's national rollout of these important voluntary benefits.

Sun Life began introducing these products in 2013 to help protect employees from out-of-pocket medical costs and to meet the increasing demand for benefits supplemental to health insurance. Now, Sun Life offers Critical Illness in 49 states (and the District of Columbia) and Accident in 47 states (and the District of Columbia).

Sun Life offers a choice of Accident insurance plans geared to different needs, whether the insurance is for growing families, for active individuals, or for the cost-conscious. Benefits are paid directly, in a lump sum, and employees can use the money however they want.

The plans include an Optional Accident Disability Benefit to provide another layer of financial protection against loss of income caused by a covered accident.

Critical Illness insurance (referred to as Specified Disease insurance in New York) provides a lump sum benefit to offset deductibles, co-pays, routine bills, increased child care, and other costs resulting from conditions such as cancer, stroke and heart attack.

Sun Life’s Critical Illness coverage also includes health care support services that provide 24×7 access to registered nurses and claims and benefits specialists who can assist with medical questions and help employees navigate their health plan. Health support services include explanation of benefits, step-by-step guidance on claims and billing issues, and assistance finding providers.

"With rising medical costs and an increase in high deductible health plans, we’re seeing a growing need for voluntary benefits that help individuals fill the financial gaps," says Scott Beliveau, Senior Vice President for Group and Voluntary Business at Sun Life. "