To meet various needs of the insuring public

Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance (SUD Life), a joint venture between Bank of India, Union Bank of India and the Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company, has added more products to its existing product portfolio by developing several new products to meet various needs of the insuring public.

The company has unveiled six new policies under group and individual insurance categories. Among the six new products launched, three products under group plan include Group Leave Encashment Plan, Group Gratuity Scheme and Reverse Mortgage Loan- Annuity Plan. The individual plans launched include Instant Endowment Plan, Pure Term Plan and Premier Protection Plan.

SUD Life has strengthened its IT structure with revamp of its existing corporate website and launch of customer portal, employee portal and distribution portal. Along with these initiatives SUD Life has launched automated SMS alerts, e-mail alerts and a full fledged contact centre for its customers as a part of its communication strategy.