US based Kentucky National Insurance has selected Stingray System to provide Maximum Processing’s web-based, policy, billing, claims and reinsurance insurance administration system for processing their lines of business.

Kentucky National Insurance president David McMullen said the company had selected Stingray System based on its features and functions and is expected to enhance the staff’s knowledge and understanding of its business and needs.

"The Stingray System will allow us to offer a richer environment via the web and improve the service to our agents and customers while improving the productivity and efficiency of our staff," McMullen said.

The system offers workflow, imaging, many third party interfaces which include Credit Card, General Ledger, Comparative Raters, CLUE, MVR, 4SightBI, bureau stat reporting and others. Additional features include consumer and agent portals as well as a full point of sale system.

Maximum Processing president & CEO Sean Pitcher said utilizing interfaces such as IVANS, for downloading to agency systems and other third party services, the company will be able to provide real time purchasing capabilities to its agents and customers while gaining the ability to react to the marketplace quickly.

McMullen said that the new system will provide a highly configurable solution that meets their needs and delivering abilities.