Created to help individuals, families, and businesses navigate the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, Sterling Healthworks, the one-stop online destination for healthcare reform, signals a new chapter for Americans by vastly simplifying the insurance marketplace.

Launched by SterlingRisk, one of the nation’s top 40 insurance brokers, the website enables anyone to quickly and easily estimate healthcare costs, medical expenses, subsidies, premiums, and more in mere seconds. The company also launched a convenient and free mobile app, HealthMarket, featuring an on-the-go version of the resources that enable consumers to quickly digest what has proven to be a complex and difficult-to-understand process since healthcare reform began.

"Consumers just want to know how much they’re going to need to pay in premiums and out of pocket, and what type of coverage they’ll be getting — that’s the bottom line. Unfortunately, much confusion still surrounds healthcare reform, and it’s important that consumers get the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and for their families," said David Sterling, Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Healthworks. "We’ve simplified the process, taking the confusing, hard-to-understand procedures and boiling them down into easy, digestible tools and information that all consumers can grasp quickly and easily. The promise of affordable healthcare is still possible — we just have to make it accessible to everyone in a clear and convenient way, which is now a reality with Sterling Healthworks."

With more than 80 years of expertise and experience in the insurance industry, SterlingRisk predicted the sluggish enrollment rates that have proven to be a huge obstacle. The latest figures show that continues to lag behind its enrollment target, reaching just four percent of its expected enrollment, with the numbers primarily skewed toward older, at-risk populations.

"It’s no surprise that is far behind its target," said Mark Argosh, Managing Partner at Sterling Healthworks. "The experience is not conducive to consumers looking to price, compare, and shop for insurance. The easiest fix would be to open up the marketplace and better integrate insurance companies and brokers into the system. Ultimately, the insurance products offered through the Marketplaces will need to be improved so that consumers of all ages find value in the system, and not just the most vulnerable of patients. This is the way to achieve accessible, affordable healthcare."

The platform features a simple, easy-to-use calculator to determine health care costs. In a matter of seconds, consumers can input basic information and receive a comprehensive cost breakdown and analysis, removing unnecessary jargon and making it a more accessible resource for users. Consumers can use Sterling Healthworks to:

View estimated total costs of health care, including premiums, medical expenses, and subsidies;
Quickly research and compare health plans based on costs and plan type;
Connect to the right government and private marketplaces to apply for insurance that fits individual needs; and
Talk to an insurance expert and get personal questions answered.

Sterling Healthworks also helps businesses evaluate their options for managing health insurance for their employees. Businesses can use Sterling Healthworks to:

Determine their eligibility for receiving tax credits,
Calculate whether their number of full-time equivalent employees causes them to come under the employer mandate rules, and
Compare the costs of complying with the employer mandate versus the costs of the tax penalty.

Visit or download the mobile app, HealthMarket (available on iOS and Android) for more information, to test out the health costs calculator, or to speak to an advisor with specific healthcare questions.