StepStone, a provider of talent management solutions, said that it has begun implementing a new e-recruitment management platform for AXA-Minmetals Assurance, a joint venture of AXA Group and Minmetals Corp.

AXA is introducing a new system to support its business development. Its new system, AXA’s recruitment and hiring managers can reduce the administrative burden and spend time on interviewing and understanding staff. In addition, StepStone’s e-recruitment solution also allows AXA to handle massive volumes of applicants and identify the resume sources.

The company said that the system keeps records of all activities for each applicant, and reports on key metrics such as cost per hire and resume channel price/performance ratios. The system also supports screening of applications into sales and other job categories, to reduce workload and avoid mistakes.

Peng Jian, recruitment manager at AXA, said: “Being people-oriented, AXA recruitment managers spend a lot of time interviewing candidates to understand their characters, individual abilities and career goals.

“It’s the responsibility of the recruitment manager to decide, according to his experience and judgment, whether the candidate is suitable. To optimize workflow, we wanted the system to handle the process in a standardized way, from screening resumes to coordinating various parties and arranging interviews.”