GetMyBoat, the world’s leading peer-to-peer and charter marketplace, has launched a first-of-its-kind, global boat rental insurance product. With coverage that is offered to boaters who book through or use any service or platform, GetMyBoat is proud to lead the way and bring customized coverage to the docks.

Policies can be purchased by the day, the week, or any duration desired and is underwritten by a globally trusted yacht charter insurance provider. Best yet, it is not limited solely to the GetMyBoat rental marketplace. To ensure that every boater is safe on the water, insurance can be purchased by companies, private owners, and renters nearly anywhere in the world. It won’t empty a boater’s treasure chest either. With plans starting as low as $29 per day and in just three easy steps, coverage can be purchased faster than you can say, "Land Ho!" Cruising the water has never been easier or safer.

"We have a mission here at GetMyBoat — to bring boating to everyone. Regardless of the location or type of boat, we want to get people off the land and on the water," said Bryan Petro, CIO of GetMyBoat. "By offering unique coverage to every owner and renter, boaters have the chance to safely and affordably establish their sea, lake and river legs. It gives owners everywhere peace of mind."

Each policy includes protection up to $1,000,000, including $25,000 for each member of the crew and the captain. Now island hoppers and wave chasers worldwide can focus on the adventure at hand instead of worrying about insurance. Prepare to cast off all lines and hoist the sails. Get covered and go ahead, make waves!