Stars, a business unit of Marsh, has rolled out its latest version of cloud-based risk, safety, and claims management software, which enables risk, safety, and claims professionals to more quickly and accurately identify risks.

Dubbed as STARS 12.3, the new claims management platform offers users new decision-making capabilities, security, and usability features.

Stars said that the new offering is an automated, rules-based system that enables managers to allocate costs associated with late reported claims, injuries, and detailed causes of loss to specific business units and locations.

In order to enable clients to view events, like tornado touchdowns, earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding, in real time, the platform enhances natural catastrophe visualization capabilities.

Giving access only to authorized users, the system is equipped with improved security through two-factor authentication, which also helps organizations to secure data with more than just a single username and password by sending a token to a pre-registered phone.

Additional usability features include, automated waiting periods, custom benefit types, and adjustments across multiple payment schedules to the indemnity benefits module.

Stars president and COO Paul Marushka said with STARS 12.3, clients receive new tools to drive improved productivity, accountability and decision-making on a more secure and user-friendly cloud-based platform.

"We will continue to invest in innovative technology and analytics across risk, safety and claims management to meet our clients’ changing needs.

"This will further enhance our clients’ decision-making capabilities and enable them to drive a richer and more meaningful conversation around risk," Marushka added.

STARS 12.3, which has been designed as a single integrated risk, safety and claims management platform, offers clients deep analytics and insight to inform and protect their businesses, all delivered through the cloud.