Standard Life Investments, an investment management company, has reported that 78% of its pooled pension fund range has performed well over their respective peer groups in the last 12 months to September 30, 2007.

The company has also reported that out of the 23 funds in the pooled pension fund range, 18 funds beat the median over the last 12 months. Five of these funds produced top decile performance and 11 of them were top quartile over the same period.

Five of out of Standard Life Investments’ seven international pooled pension funds, including North American, European, Global and Overseas Equity funds, have delivered good quartile performance over this period.

The company has also reported that seven out of eight bond funds performed well over the last nine months, three and five years. 10 of the 11 equity funds performed well over the last nine and 12 months.

George Walker, global head of business development at Standard Life Investments, said: These most recent results demonstrate impressive performance generated across a broad spectrum of our pooled pension fund range and spanning a wide range of asset classes and regions. While we’ve long had a reputation for strong performance in UK equities, it is particularly pleasing to note that investors are now reaping the benefits of our global investment expertise. Over the last three years, the in depth knowledge of our global equities team has delivered strong returns for our investors.