Savings and investments company Standard Life has implemented Webtrends’ Analytics 10 platform, Segments and Heatmaps, to enhance its digital marketing investments.

Standard Life selected the Analytics 10 platform and Segments to access in-depth reporting and actionable insights into its customers.

The data captured by Webtrends platform will help the marketing team of Standard Life to understand what customers want to read and see and what they do not, through a user-friendly dashboard.

After understanding customer needs, Standard Life’s teams can offer a more relevant content for its clients for a better online experience.

Furthermore, Webtrends Segments will assist Standard Life to identify the characteristics and visitors behavior to focus on specific user profiles, concentrate on certain campaigns and to direct advertising spend.

Standard Life director of group platform and customer data strategy David Scott said, "The power that Analytics 10 can provide, the scalability and ease of use of the platform means we have the capability to answer the questions an online business might ask."

"We have also had great support from their team of experts, which has encouraged us to extend our partnership further, embedding the WebTrends SDK for mobile too," Scott added.

Standard Life has yet to exploit the full potential of Webtrends’ solution, however it is already benefitting in terms of user engagement with its sites.