Auto insurers are taking advantage of the increasing prevalence of speeding cameras in the UK to apply big premium rises, new research from the AA has found.

According to the motoring assistance company, more and more drivers are being convicted of speeding due to the swelling numbers of speeding cameras on UK roads and many vehicle insurance providers are coming down hard on those with points on their license when it comes to renewals.

The AA study, reported by the Daily Mail, found that some premiums were increasing by as much as 20% due to policy holder receiving a speeding endorsement. The AA contests that while one speeding penalty will cost the driver GBP60 in a straight up fine, the effect on their premium could be even more costly.

According to the research, on average, car insurance for 25-year-olds increased by GBP42 after one driving offence and, for 40-year-olds, by GBP28, the Daily Mail reports. For a second offence, car insurance for 25-year-olds increased by GBP178, and by GBP116 for 40-year-olds.