Specialty Insurance Group (SIG) and its strategic broker partner, Britton Gallagher, have launched a new insurance, loss control and safety program for the pyrotechnics market.

SIG’s thought leadership, and the tremendous resources it enjoys as a member of the Everest Re Group, Ltd., come together with Britton Gallagher’s market expertise in pyrotechnics to create this new and exclusive program venture.

"Working with Britton Gallagher, not only are we providing insurance, loss control and protecting the integrity of the performance, we’re also helping ensure that the proper standards are being fully understood and implemented," said Charlie Landrum, Director of Underwriting, SIG. "I don’t think you can remind people enough about following industry safety procedures, this is a market where a small margin of error makes a big difference."

Industry leaders with 15 years experience in the pyrotechnics market, Britton Gallagher is an independently operated insurance brokerage firm with a team of professionals embedded in their clients’ business to understand and provide counsel to specific niche markets.

"As a new specialty insurance company we decided that our clients are best served through a series of unique strategic alliances and partnerships," commented Greg Mosher, SIG Managing Director.

"The pyrotechnics industry is complex and Britton Gallagher has a proven record of client success. Our underwriting ability as a member of the Everest Re Group, Ltd. gives our partners the opportunity to continue their growth, unabated, with the knowledge and trust that SIG will always have their back."