For reducing accident frequency, and therefore claims paid out

Solutions Group and its subsidiary idrive Monitoring Systems have formed a partnership with ARI Insurance, an insurance company in New Jersey supplying commercial and fleet auto insurance.

As per the agreement, ARI has agreed to purchase multiple idrive X1 cameras to supply to their clients over an extended period of time. To cement the relationship, ARI has placed an initial substantial order.

Tucker Ericson, ARI’s Senior Vice President, said: A partnership with idrive demonstrates ARI’s commitment to safer New Jersey roads and long-term profitable relationships with our customers.

Stefan Dragomir, president of idrive, said: ARI is very well respected in the industry, and we are excited to be working with them. This partnership further demonstrates the success of our business model to create mutually beneficial relationships with major insurance companies to lessen the financial impact of deploying idrive cameras for fleet owners. These insurance companies recognize that installing idrive cameras in fleet automobiles will result a reduction in accident frequency, and therefore claims dollars paid out.