Sofi Insurance Services now offer free life insurance quotes. The return of premium life insurance allows for better financial planning. In the past, life insurance options were limited. Today, those who are planning for their futures and the futures of their families have more flexible options than ever before, including premium life insurance, standard term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance and mortgage life insurance.

Whole life policies are another option for life insurance. Whole life insurance policies remain in effect for the entire life of the insured party. The cost can vary widely, and premiums can be paid during a specific term or throughout the life of the policy. Whole life policies are often purchased not just for insurance purposes but also as an investment option since they do accrue cash value over the face value of the policy. Universal life is similar.

The policy accrues a cash value as long as it is in effect, and policy owners can take loans or withdrawals from that value. The policy remains in effect as long as it has sufficient cash value. Mortgage life is designed to pay off the cost of a mortgage after the death of the policy owner. Visit for more information about different life insurance plans.

Term life insurance has long been popular. This type of coverage is designed to last for a specific period and then terminate. The period can range from one year to several decades, and costs are often low and affordable. Return of premium life insurance is different. The premiums can be higher than term life policies and terms can be longer, but once the term ends, the premiums are returned. This can be an affordable solution for many people and allows them to continue benefiting even after the policy has ended.

Sofi Insurance Services is an insurance services company that offers comprehensive support to people who are searching for insurance solutions. They can assist with health insurance, student insurance, life insurance, group health plans, small business insurance and other insurance plans and provide their clients with free quotes and easy-to-use online tools that help them locate the best policies for their needs.