Sequenom Laboratories, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sequenom, announced that it has signed a national agreement with UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, effective October 1, 2015, covering 43 million people throughout the US, to provide the MaterniT21 PLUS, HerediT CF Carrier Screen and HerediT UNIVERSAL Carrier Screen laboratory-developed tests (LDT).

The addition of this contract brings the number of covered lives under agreement by Sequenom Laboratories’ diagnostic services to more than 200 million.

The MaterniT21 PLUS test reports on trisomy 21, 18, 13, 16 and 22, sex chromosome aneuploidies, fetal sex and select microdeletions in single or multifetal gestations as early as 10 weeks in a pregnancy.

Estimates suggest there are about 750,000 pregnancies at high risk for fetal chromosomal abnormalities each year in the United States.

The HerediT CF Carrier Screening test analyzes the most clinically relevant mutations and variants related to cystic fibrosis. The HerediT UNIVERSAL Carrier Screening test is a comprehensive, customizable expanded test that screens for > 250 diseases and > 2,000 disease-causing mutations.

These tests are available exclusively through Sequenom Laboratories as testing services provided to health care professionals.