Sensely today announced that its partner Rakuten Life has launched in December 2018 a unique insurance application to their agent channel.


Image: Senselypartners with Rakuten Life Insurance to launch new insurance application. Photo: Courtesy of Pexels/Pixabay.

The new application platform incorporates conversational content spoken by lifelike avatar characters, and brings a new level of immediacy to the life insurance application process.

Rakuten Life’s application is built with the Sensely Software Development Kit (SDK), a broad development platform designed to enable enterprises to communicate with consumers in a way that harnesses the empathy of human conversations while also benefitting from the scalability of technology. Rakuten Life Insurance’s content is delivered in Japanese, highlighting the benefit of Sensely’s multi-lingual platform, which incorporates text-to-speech technology that supports more than 30 languages.

“Technology, when used properly, can help make the process of buying insurance for the first time less daunting,” commented Yasuhiko Shinkai, President of Rakuten Life. “We see significant opportunity in bringing conversational interfaces to both current insurance policyholders as well as prospective customers across multiple scenarios, and we are happy to have the Sensely toolkit to assist with our integration.”

“We’re excited by the work that our partner Rakuten Life Insurance has done to inject a new consumer interface into their insurance application process,” said Adam Odessky, CEO and Co-founder of Sensely. “It’s gratifying to see how skillfully Rakuten Life Insurance has deployed the platform to turn their native branded-content into a powerful customer experience. We’re seeing insurance companies all over the world being quite progressive in thinking about how to bring technology to bear to enhance the applicant and member experience, and this is a great example of matching an unmet need with a technology-based solution.”

Source: Company Press Release